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Mandalay Bay | Untamed New Years Eve

Every year, Mandalay Bay throws a New Year’s Eve party.
And the untamed luxury of Mandalay Bay deserved an untamed party. So our invitations singled out those whose untamed minds think alike. And when you encourage people to make reservations – but not to bring any – you sell out the party for the first time in Mandalay Bay history. Which is exactly what we did.

Direct Mail Piece
We sent out a direct mail piece, which contained a feather duster… or is it a French tickler? We asked what people thought when they saw it: “housework” or “foreplay.” If they chose foreplay, they were invited to an Untamed New Year’s Eve Party and encouraged to: “Make reservations. But don’t bring any.”


Email Invitation
Untamed New Year's Eve Email
We sent out an email that wasn’t the standard invitation, offer, and booking options. It simply asked the recipient what they thought of when seeing a pair of handcuffs: “restrained” or “unrestrained.”


“Restrained” Error Page

Those who clicked “restrained” were sent to an error page on


“Unrestrained” Landing Page
Untamed New Year's Eve Flash
Those who clicked “unrestrained” were sent to a flash landing page where they were invited to an Untamed New Year’s Eve Party.



Art Director: Brian Farkas
Art Director: Susan Fairbairn
Copywriter: Lauren Smith
Copywriter: Sariah Dorbin


“If you're looking for sympathy, you'll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”
- David Sedaris Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays

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