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PENTAX | K-7 Launch

To launch the K-7 in tough economic times, we had one banner placement on and one print ad. Instead of simply running that banner ad, we decided to use the PENTAX community’s excitement about an upcoming, yet-unnamed camera release to fuel our one media placement. We teased photos from the new camera on flickr before the launch and used people’s comments to feed into our banner placement.


Flickr K-7 Photo Tease

We teased the K-7 by uploading a single sample image to flickr and then posted the picture to PENTAX groups on the site. In the right corner, beneath the tags, flickr fanatics know that the name of the camera shows up. As the K-7 was yet unnamed, we teased the camera by releasing its name, a sample image and the photo’s stats. We both let PENTAX users on flickr know that we spoke their language, knew their sites, and rewarded them letting them in on insider information.


K-7 Product Features Tease

Sharing the photo statistics allowed fans to get a sneak peek at some of the features of the camera by reading things like exposure speed and aperture.


Live Stream Flickr Comments Banner

We then took the comments and excitement from real fans and through flickr’s open API streamed the comments onto our banner on dpreview. Real photos, real reactions, and real fans made our launch of the K-7 bigger than just one banner.


Print Ad
PENTAX print ad k-7


Art Director: Ariel Shukert
Copywriter: Lauren Smith


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