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ad writer, music seeker, dog owner, picture taker, dance lover. always looking for more things to love.


Kidzilla Shampoo Frame
Nissan | Kidzilla
A little boy destroys his entire toy car collection, except one… more

Quite Like This
Nissan | Quite Like This
We’ve made some great cars, but none quite like this. more

SOYJOY | Battle of the Beans
Soybeans battle jellybeans to be your afternoon snack. more

Honda Element | Gil the Crab
Gil is a complex crustacean. Take five and go behind the shell. more

Mandalay Bay | Untamed New Year’s Eve Party
Make reservations. But don’t bring any. more

Oxfam | An Inconvenient Poop
Take care of your shit. more

Pandora | Print Campaign
Music you like leads to music you should. more

La-Z-Boy | Print Campaign
If this furniture could talk… more

PENTAX | K-7 Launch
PENTAX | K-7 Launch
For the biggest launch in PENTAX history with the smallest budget,
what do you do with one banner placement? more

Honda Element | Stop-Action Feature Demo
Take an online brochure for a quirky car, add ten bags of cotton
balls and a little bit of imagination. more

SOYJOY | I am Soy
Romancing the soybean. more


“Help! I am held prisoner in Chinese bakery.”
- Fortune Cookie

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